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High build screen printing has been out of the urban clothing scene for quite some time now, maybe because it came out of fashion or maybe because many of the new brands didn’t even know about it, who knows?

But it has made a comeback (within our company anyway) New Era recently started bringing it back with their prints in JD sports and they went down a treat, so many other brands now have jumped on the high build style to stand out from the crowd, and one of the new brands to join us @ Dy-mensionscreen is Global Sports.

When the team first stepped into our factory and saw the samples we had hanging they was like “THAT IS IT”, they knew off the bat that doing a style of print which know one else does will really make them stand out from the other brands out there in the urban scene. The raised texture which we call “3D print” makes the design pop out and make you just want to feel the print.

You can check out all the products we print for Global Sports @

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1 June 2011

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