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We actually processed this job a long time ago but we never got round to putting the photos online. The client wanted Polo’s printed with embroidery on the sleeve and on the chest and for each item to be packed. However we advised on getting woven patches with heat backing applied to the garment rather then direct embroidery to the garment. This process gives the illusion of embroidery but the actual design itself comes alot more cleaner and is more visibly appealing.

When getting woven patches manufactured they are alot cheaper then doing direct to garment embroidery so it was a win win for the client as she had a much better looking final product + it was even cheaper then what she originally expected.

Woven patches can be applied to any material and also can be any size as you can see from our previous post from the ultimalt hats we done this process on 500 snap backs. However they do have to be ordered in batches so it is only worth while on orders above 100 units. If you would like to know more about woven patches simply drop us an email for more info.

9 September 2011

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