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Been a while since we have updated our viewers with what we have printed recently, its because we have been so busy + other things to be revealed in the next few weeks which will be a big change for the company!

But here are some photos taken in the factory using a handy little software on an iPhone called Instagram.

Only a small section of screens in the factory, sometimes people don’t believe how many we simply have, this section is just for one client…

Here is some use of Swarovski Crystals that we used in a clients clothing brand, they wanted to use the best materials so they didn’t even look at “diamante stones” she wanted the best, and because of that her brand was featured in Vogue Magazine.

This is what everyone is raving about this year “vintage” everything fashion has been vintage crazy from denim jackets to snap backs, even t-shirts we print on the client want it vintage.

Use of the ink room, we have to mix loads of colours daily to get that exact pan tone colour the client requires….obviously it gets abit messy so this is the pile for cleaning, as you can see…there are alot of mixed colours! Also the vibe in printing recently is bright fluorescent colours ranging from the pinks to the lime greens as you can see below, note the cheeky global screen in the bottom left, we will be uploading photos of their brand soon to the blog of all the colourful prints they have been doing recently.

28 September 2011

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