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So a few weeks ago we receive an email…about an order to be placed, so we look at the designs and give a quote over…usual day at work. After a few emails have been swapped we realise the customer is emailing all the way from Queens in N.Y.C! He had heard about us through other brands we print for and wanted to print with us no matter the shipping cost. Initially we was a bit surprised…the whole of America to find a printing company…..and your emailing us here in London U.K.

After finding out a bit more about the customer, we found out he was an underground rap battler known as HolloDaDon. The designs was basic but had meaning. He didn’t have a brand name but more of a cult following “L.O.M – Loyalty Ova Money”  simple but effective. He put this image into motion when it came to the designs of his Tee’s each with something that relates to him or the movement. With almost 22,000 twitter fans following him (@HolloDaDon) these tees was selling like hot cakes as every follower pretty much wanted a piece! Each Tee has its own custom label’s, swingtags and even custom packaging.

We are very proud to say we have been printing tees in the U.K in the hundreds which have been selling in N.Y.C – Dy-mensionscreen is known world wide – FACT -

All the Tees we have printed can be purchased from here (even if your from the U.K)

24 November 2011

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