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Its been quite a while since we have updated our blog, possibly because we have been so busy over the summer period with everything from concerts to the London Olympics! Still printing clothes as usual just these few seem to have more to it then apparel…

London 2012 Olympics

Even though it was a small part to the overall event we printed security bibs for the whole of the Sainsburys & BT team who was being guides to the event. With a very short turnaround time we still managed to get this order out during our busy period.

The order consisted of a back print & 2 front prints, with another bib with for each brand, it was a long process as it required to the machine to be set up and taken down many times. Within 2 days of the print run being started it was completed and out of our door on the way to the Olympics.

We print Hi-Vis bibs for several other companies such as builders, factory workers and over companies in the trade industry. We supply the stock – print the stock – send the stock. Job Done.




We was very happy when we received this order through Livenation for Rihanna, you cant get any bigger then that at the moment! It was a merchandise order to be shipped over Europe.

We was very pleased to receive this order and obviously shows to our other clients the quality of print we provide. This is the field we specialise in now – mass production printing for major labels. From what we was, the tiny print factory in Crystal Palace, to our new 10,000 square foot factory and a new jumbo machine on the way – things are looking up!






Johnny Cupcakes

We recently manufactured a set of labels for a client and as you do, we wanted to show what we had done on our instagram feed. Very clean and minimal they was inspired from the world famous brand Johnny Cupcakes.

And as you can see on instagram there are thousands of people uploading photos of their Johnny Cupcakes Tees, Hoods etc but out of the blue we got a like on our photo and it was none other then the man himself “Mr Johnny”.

The client himself was very pleased that his icon had recognised his hard work as we was happy he noticed our image.

Some people are not aware that we manufacture all kinds of woven labels and assume we only print, we do so much more! Click our services tab above to find out!

7 August 2012

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