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L.O.M loyalty Ova Money

We recently done a few new pieces for the UK/USA brand L.O.M “Loyalty Ova Money” starting with their winter collection the famous beanie hat.

We have been doing beanie hats for years now and supply a very thick good quality product (some suppliers are very thin), but with L.O.M we took the embroidery to another level. Usually beanie embroidery designs are small and thin, however these guys wanted to go for a premium bold design which is rather striking and impressive at the same time. It was difficult but the finish looks great.

They come in two colourways(as you can see to the left) black with red/white text and red with a black/white text. Not entirely sure when they will be on sale but most probably when L.O.M release their new website in 2 weeks!

You can see all the pieces we print for them from

30 October 2012

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