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Right well before the end of the year we thought it would be good to have a little special offer and prepare some up and coming brands for 2012 who want to start out in the clothing industry. We felt the best way to achieve this was to offer the most cost effective option but also with quality garments.

So the basis is do you want a Gildan softstyle shirt or do you want the ultra shirt? Both tees are totally different in weight and also in the cut. The softstyle does exactly what it says on the tin, its a softer style shirt with a slightly fitted cut, but is lighter in weight (150 gm). However, the ultra is a more weighted shirt (205 gm) and thus would feel different when being worn. The cut is of a standard finish but the yarn isn’t as soft, so it all depends on who your client base is, but from either of the two they are both great choices.

Now the colour of the print can be any colour of your choice as it is going on white shirts, there is no additional charges for special inks such as gold or silver so have that in mind also.

The shirts can be any size range of your choice so really there is no limitation to what you can achieve. Sadly this offer is for new customers only (sorry to our ever so loyal clients) but now is the time to spread the word and get some new brands started!

From here all you have to do is drop us an email with your design or fill out the “request a quote” widget on the left hand side when in the services tab and just state that you want to use the £160 offer, and that’s it simple!

Don’t leave it too late as stocks levels may run out towards the end of the year as suppliers don’t re-stock garments till mid January.

So you want to get sweatshirts to go with your clothing order, but you just cant seem to find that fashion cut finish. Most people use Gildan Sweatshirts or Fruit of the loom however the cut of the garment simply isn’t tailored for the fashion industry the hemmings are to small and tight and the yarn don’t feel soft.

Now last year Continental was the main brand for supplying fashion sweatshirts as they was always compared to the quality of Nike and Adidas, good soft feel, heavy weighted and a range of colours, but as of September they discontinued making the sweatshirts and from September to mid April there was a gap. In the end they did return however with organic products and thinner materials, which several customers didnt accept.

Now we have found some of the old products here in deadstock and once there gone…they wont be coming back we also have them in all sizes at the moment but in the limited colours of Red, Light Heather Grey, and Blue. To buy the Continental Organic sweatshirts are £10.00 so we had to match the price. Feel free to call us at the factory to check the stock levels.

So you want to buy some continental zipper hoods? Great, but why pay the single piece rate of £15.80 when you can buy it from us for only £13.00 saving £2.80.

We have all sizes available for immediate dispatch, there’s also no minimum order so even if you want just one piece or if you want to mix & match it’s not an issue. We also have stock of the now discontinued “Stereo Red” colourway, this item was a popular colourway from the collection and we are the only stockist left to have this item.

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