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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Format

The most suitable artwork format for print or embroidery is a vector format, we mainly use Coral draw but we also use Adobe Illustrator. The reason for this is that the artwork can then be easily re-sized and edited when preparing for print.

If you are unsure whether we will be able to use your artwork for print/embroidery, please contact a member of our sales team for assistance.

Artwork with Gradients/High Detail

We can accurately reproduce designs containing gradients and high detail when screen printing. Any design which contains gradients falls under a different category. The artwork gets separated in a different process (were there is a charge for artwork separation.) This is priced per job and depends on the complexity of the design.

By using halftone dots, we can ‘blend’ colours in a design if needs be to create a very accurate representation.

Using modern technology and some of the best equipment on the market, we can blend the colours and have the ability to print up to 10 different colours.