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So here it is after almost 10 years we finally update our website. Alot of people don’t even know who we are but we have been in the printing scene for a long time now. The last 10 years we been trading through word of mouth and recommendations as we offer such a supreme service, but it was about time we gave the company a refresh.

Since starting in 2001 the company only was doing screen printing, almost 10 years later and the services we can provide are so much more from embroidery to simple vinyl printing, to being able to create labels and swing tags for clients but to also finish off the clients order with complete packing ready for retail.

Now regarding the blog, this is will be our constant hub of updates regarding the prints we do, special offers we may have and following the lifestyles of our clients and were there clothing is placed.

So we hope you enjoy seeing what we produce and keep following us.



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22 March 2011
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