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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Screen Printing – Once I’ve had my design setup, will I ever have to pay for setup again?

Possibly, if a reprint order is placed within 3 months there would be no cost for screens and films. If a reprint order is placed after 3 months there would be a charge for screens but not films.

Screen Printing – What is your maximum print size?

Our maximum screen print size is 17 x 19”.

Screen Printing – Do I have to have a base screen setup when printing onto coloured garments?

Yes, this is because when printing on coloured or black garments the dye of the shirt would come through the print and would become dull, when in reality you want your prints to be bright and vibrant.

Screen Printing – Can I have the same design printed onto various garments?

Yes, Here at Dy-mensionscreen we don’t charge per garment e.g. 10 men’s tees 10 women’s tees, our price list is based on the amounts of prints in total, e.g. 20 pieces.

Screen Printing – Can I have a sample print done before placing my order?

Yes, we can produce sample prints however this service only applies when order of 150 pieces and above are placed.

Embroidery – Once I’ve had my design digitised, will I have to pay this cost again?

No, as long as the design isn’t going to be changed in size there would be no cost.

Embroidery – I want the same logo in different sizes, do I have to pay a setup for each?

Yes, this is because different sizes uses different techniques of stitching, every time the artwork is changed in size It needs to be digitalized every time.

Embroidery – Can you sample my embroidery for approval before I go ahead with my order?

Yes, this service however only applies when placing orders above 10 pieces. We would embroider your design on a sample piece of fabric and send it to you to approve.

Garments – Can you provide me with some samples before I place my order?

Yes, we can send you samples of any item in our catalogue, samples are charged at the same rate as the minimum order. All samples are sent out via next day courier and carry a delivery cost of £10 (ex VAT).